—    Established in October,2010,NCKU Research and Development Center at STSP aims at dealing with all kinds of administrative matters of Delta building at STSP and promoting industry-academy cooperation in order to enhance the operation of Delta building at STSP, to promote technology commercialization and to assist enterprises in improving their competitiveness.


• Provision of office space and administrative support
• Assistance with promoting industry-academy cooperation and technology development consultation
• Assistance with applying for subsidies and government incentives
• Conference room and training classroom rent
• Holding Products Exhibitions and gathering market information
• Conducting Training Courses on Information, Business and Technology
• Management, IP & Marketing Consultation



Floor Directory


4th  Floor-Incubation  Area

    NCKU Research & Development Center at STSP selects high-quality companies and provides consultation services for them. The target is to achieve the goal of introducing small and medium enterprises station in STSP.

3rd  Floor -Institute of Tropical Plant Sciences, NCKU

    Researches for high-valued tropical plants such as ornamental flowers and plants, fruits, vegetables and medicinal plants including growth and development, physiology, genetics, and identification of novel secondary metabolites for their utilization for medicinal purpose.

2nd floor-NCKU-DELTA  Cooperation Area

    From 2009, NCKU R&D Center selected more than 10 advanced industry-university cooperation programs per year, including electronics and energy technology cooperation.

1st floor-Service Center

    Service Center/ Lobby/ Conference Room/ Training Classroom/ Law Office






• Provision of service platform and reinforcement of service network-shortening the gap between technology research and market demand
• Strategic alliance and resource sharing- strategic alliance from the same or different fields to achieve the objective of resource sharing and to avoid resources reallocation

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NCKU Research & Development Center at STSP

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